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We specialize in unlocking the creative potential of businesses, teams, and individuals. Our expertise lies in two key areas: redefining your organization’s events to create unforgettable experiences, and developing a scalable, customized design thinking process that revolutionizes your organization’s approach to creativity. With our specialized consulting services, Smith and Stone is your partner in transforming and elevating your business dynamics.

The Power

Our Consulting Services

Elevate Your Events Beyond Expectations

At the forefront of event innovation, our consultancy specializes in redefining the event experience. We turn your events, trade shows, and conferences into immersive, unforgettable experiences through our unique blend of creativity and strategic insight. Our team is dedicated to transforming every event into a landmark moment that resonates with its audience.


Redefining the Event Experience: Eleveate your events, trade shows, and conferences with our creative, experiental approach.


Strategic Oversight: Benefit from our expert guidance on both the creative and strategic fronts for your events.


Innovative Perspectives: Gain fresh, outside insights to reinvigorate your event strategies.

Empowering Innovation Through Design Thinking

We specialize in developing a customized, scalable design thinking process that fundamentally transforms how your organization approaches creative challenges and opportunities. Our goal is to lay a consistent, company-wide foundation that fosters innovation, enhances client and employee experiences, and leads to more effective outcomes.


Customized Creative Processes: Implement scalable design thinking strategies tailored to your organization’s needs.


Enhancing Experiences: Elevate client and employee experiences by embedding best-in-class strategic thinking.


Unified Innovation Strategy: Foster a culture of innovation, combining diverse ideas to meet your specific challenges.

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