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Creative-cored Speaking Engagements.

Elevate the value and impact of your business events, conferences, and more! Hillary Smith’s customized and interactive engagements are designed to help inspire and ignite the creativity that lies within. Her proven methods and tools will teach your team how to transform ordinary gatherings into extraordinary experiences.

The Power

About Your Speaker

Hillary Smith, the visionary behind Smith and Stone, has over two decades of experience leading and cultivating high-performing creative teams. She’s delivered award-winning event experiences for top brands like Nike, Google, McKinsey & Company, Bank of America, Procter & Gamble, and more. Clients choose Hillary for her trend-setting strategies that drive business growth. Under her leadership, we push the boundaries of creativity to deliver measurable, bold results.

Ignite Creativity and Action

Discover the extraordinary impact of Hillary Smith’s creative speaking engagements, each crafted to inspire your audience to unlock their inherent creative potential. By sharing compelling stories, innovative ideas, and proven tools, Hillary’s energy and passion empowers individuals to take action and connect with their own creativity to realize untapped possibilities that lead to differentiating results.


Customized presentations with proven methodologies and actionable insights for immediate improvement.


Hillary’s vast experience simplifies complex issues, offering practical solutions that resonate across diverse audiences.


Her dynamic presence inspires action and the translation of ideas into tangible realities.


Thoughtful keynote presentations and workshops drive personal and professional growth.


Innovative approaches empower new perspectives and creative potential, effecting lasting change.


Customized programs enable seamless application of knowledge for enhanced effectiveness and results.

Inspire Your Audience

Learn how Hillary Smith’s creative expertise can transform your next event into an extraordinary, creativity-fueled experience.