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The Power

Step 1: Choose Your Session Type

Unlock your team’s potential for strategic thinking and innovation with our Design Thinking workshop. Delve into creative problem-solving and decision-making to inspire a culture of innovation.

Masterclass vs. Workshop

Master Class: Led by Smith and Stone experts, these sessions provide in-depth knowledge through lectures and demonstrations. Ideal for learning new skills and applying them later.

Workshop: These hands-on, interactive sessions are designed to address specific organizational challenges. They involve practical exercises and group activities for a collaborative learning experience.

Step 2: Select Your Session Focus


Unlock Strategic
Thinking and Innovation


Unleash innovative problem-solving and strategic decision-making.


Key Benefits: Cultivate a culture of innovation.


Creative Process


Navigate the stages of creative development for effective project anagement.


Key Benefits: Streamline workflows, enhance innovation.

Persona & Empathy Mapping

Creative Strategies


Master empathy-driven design for deeper customer insights.


Key Benefits: Foster a customer- centric approach.

Step 3: Personalize Your Learning Experience

Finalize your unique educational journey with Smith and Stone. Reach out to us with your chosen session type and focus. Our team will collaborate with you to develop a personalized strategy that aligns perfectly with your objectives and goals.

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